Welcome to my page!
I raise Corturnix quail for eggs, and meat, and for the pleasure of having crazy, flighty birds in the backyard! Unfortunately, my HOA says the only kind of animals I can have are dogs and cats. That's all well and good, but give me a break! I tried to change the rules the old fasioned way, but no luck. I did want chickens, but decided on quail because they are easier to hide! I would be happy to sell any fertile eggs, just send a PM. I will also sell the adult birds. I've never done either, but I couldn't say no to someone wanting quail! Discounts for those whose HOA's don't allow them!!!

I have also started down the duck road. I have one Silver Appleyard (bad hatch), and hoping to increase the flock next Spring. Maybe some Hookbills are in order too. Who knows, my HOA may decide that they are the cutest things in the world and change the rules!

Always question authority! ...and challenge them when the rules don't make sence!!!