Hi Backyard Chicken Members!
Thanks for checking me out! Well, my name is Jenny. From Wichita, KS. Although I live in the city. I truely love being in the country. I grew up in Garden City, Ks. My father he rented a house with a huge land. He basically went out one day and returned with a bunch of chickens. Since I was his only child at the time. I got no one but my chicken friends. At the age of 9. Our land lord who is also our family friend passed away. The land was sold to another and we had to pack and leave our chickens to a close friend and Here I am in the city since then. I never did get to know what happened to my chicken friends. I do miss them much. Being here for 18 years (and still counting..) I lost touch to my childhood memories with all the present drama in my life..

But a malaysian serama rooster named Rocky enter my life two years ago. It was given to my daughter on her 1st brithday by my father. Yes.. he got her into chickens as well. Because of Rocky.. He has brought back good memories of my childhood and himself and how much they become apart of our life with a little chirp and crows here and there.. its amazing.. But sadly he was taken away from us by a possum on 10-9-11.
On my dad's birthday (odd huh?)

So I'm here to learn more from the fellow members like you. I'm super glad Backyard chicken existed!

Below is Rocky who brought many smiles to my daughter as well him bringing back my childhood memories and creating a new friendship in our life for 2 years.


Our new Country Theme Coop.

Here is the whole flock.. free range.. until 6 pm we would put them in the pen.

The Seramas my daughter's best friends.. Left to Right: Corn,Fu,Kung,Pop

and Mini Roc which he stays inside with us.

The double frizzle named Curly

Gold laced polish named Alfro and Light Brahma named Penquin