SGM - Sweet Gum Minis
Welcome to the Sweet Gum Minis Chicken Coop. My name is Ashley. My husband Steve, daughter Hannah and son Matthew make up our little family. We raise Nigerian Dwarf and Mini-Mancha dairy goats and have dabbled in different varieties of poultry. Our current project is a new layer coop which we hope to build from pallets. Our simple goal is to do this as cheaply or at the lowest cost possible. If I could get away with doing it for free I would, but I don't foresee that being possible. Instead we plan to use mostly items we have on hand, pallets which we are acquiring locally and will have to buy in some additional wire for the run and roofing materials for the coop.
We currently have a large dog kennel which stands 6' tall and is a 6x12 in size. Our back yard is chain-linked and our plan is to put the coop and run in the backyard just in front of our breeding/buck barn. The coop is most likely going to be 8' deep and 12' wide. We are planning a walk area and then a section of lean-to roofing that hangs over into our goat breeding pen. That way we can separate for an additional breeding pen if necessary during breeding season. So the roof is planned to be 16' x 12'. The walk and breeding lean-to roof on the one side, the coop on the other. Here is a photo of our first sketch of the coop plan.

Here are some photos of the soon to be chicken run and coop. Right now it is garden space and since the squash plants are just about dead, we'll start on the coop as soon as the pallets are here and ready. The breeding/buck barn is already there and the pen beside it is already there. So we just have to relocate a few of our kennel panels.
The first photo is a barn view toward where the chicken coop will be. Its a direct view into the breeding pen.
This photo below is a view from the house side of the future coop and run. You'd be basically next to the run and facing the coop. The buck/breeding barn and pen is just past the coop.
Did I mention we have a lot of kudzu? LOL Chickens eat it and so do goats! Ok, once we break ground I'll add more photos of the coop's progress. Thanks for looking!