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By shadowpaints · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. shadowpaints
    I had a sudden whim tonight to post a bit about me.

    My name is Rebecca, i prefer Becca, but some of my family still gets away with calling me Becky ( i hate it , makes me feel like a child)
    I am married, to Shawn (Truckineverywhere)
    we have 2 beautiful daughters, Mackenzie is nearly 8 and KaylaSue is 6. we would like more children but, after trying for the last 4 years, it just may not happen.

    We raise Miniature Horses. we also show them and train them. i also have a hard time selling them and now we have 20 LOL

    we also raise goats. we dont really have a specific breed, we have several breeds, Lamanchas, Nubians, Nigerian dwarf, we love goats milk, and generally live on it when are does are freshened.

    yes, we do have chickens, we have the 'big' coop which is for our layers and fun breeds (RIR, Frizzles, Cochins Bantam and Standards) then we have the Giant silkie coop. where we are currently working on creating a giant silkie. some of our adult G.silkies are weighing in at 7-9 lbs!
    we do butcher our own chickens, (usually raise meat birds, with the occasional extra roo)
    i love to read, used to love to draw. I am a outgoing person, but have been burned many times by 'friends' so i prefer to stay home. i LOVE to talk on the phone LOL ill chat for hours! we are always finding something new to do, and i am willing to try anything!

    if you have any questions just ask, :) ill answer!

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  1. Fyremare
    Dear Becca,
    I found your page in a search to satisfy my chicken fever! I've got it bad right now... I live in Vermont, and it's been crappy weather. have bounced from Ameraucana's, to Chanteclers, Welsummers and Silkies tonite! The post I found about your "Giant" Silkies is at least a year old. I notice by your profile post that you are still working on them. How's it all going? I am interested in Silkies to a point, but kinda put them on the back burner because I like large fowl birds. Although I do have an oops Roo who is a bantam. (Bird swap learning curve for a newbie)
    So I hope you are still working to improve them? My interest to a degree is for finding a few broody hens at some point. I live off grid, and have a few ideas to brood day old chicks without electricity. A broody hen would be better! Have only had chickens since last spring, but after thinking I hated them except to eat eggs and meat... I have fallen for them seriously hard! There are too many breeds to try out! But if you are in Idaho with Silkies... please tell me yours have become hardier? Vermont can get some pretty harsh winter weather, and I'm know there will be another coop project this summer, can feel it in my bones! Your giant silkies intrigue me.......... I just can't hatch eggs.....
    I hope you will respond to this, and let me know if any of your birds have made it to the East Coast yet!
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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