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  1. BuffOrps32
    This is for my warriors rp!
    To-Do List:
    1. Add new characters
    2. Finish refs
    3. Add territory features section
    4. Add camp design section
    5. Add dangerous creatures section
    6. Add herb list

    This is forever a WIP as long as the rp lives!

    Name- Flashpaw
    Rank- Medicine Cat apprentice (Tanheart's apprentice)
    Age- 8 moons
    Mate- None
    Kits- None
    Clan- Stromclan
    Family- Mother- Cloudwhisp Father- Stormysky
    Personality- TBRP
    Looks- reddish brown she-cat with one amber and one blue eye
    Other- None

    Name- Cloudwhisp
    Rank- Warrior
    Age- 20 moons
    Mate- Stormysky
    Looks- Red tabby with white paws and amber eyes
    Other- None

    Name- Sparrowstar
    Rank- leader
    Age- 35 moons
    Mate- None
    Kits- None
    Clan- Flame
    Family- None (They died)
    Personality- TBRP
    Looks- light brown tabby with black paws and black belly yellow eyes
    Other- Redpaw's mentor

    Name- Bluefeather
    Rank- Warrior
    Age- 36 moons
    Mate- N/A
    Kits- N/A
    Clan- Stormclan
    Family- His sister Tanpaw
    Personality- TBRP
    Looks- Blue Tabby with white paws
    Other- Male
    Name- Tanheart
    Rank- Medicine cat
    Age-36 moons
    Mate- N/A
    Kits- N/A
    Clan- Stormclan
    Family- Her brother Tanpaw
    Personality- TBRP
    Looks- Bluetabby with tan paws.
    Other- Female

    Name- Emeraldheart
    Rank- Medicine Cat
    Age- 50 moons
    Mate- N/a
    Kits- M/A
    Clan- Flamclan
    Family- R.I.P.
    Personality- TBRP
    Looks- Orange Tabby
    Other- Not the best Medicine Cat

    Name: Jadestone (prefers Jade for short)
    Rank: warrior
    Age: 25 moons
    Mate: none
    Kits: none
    Clan: Flameclan
    Family: open
    Personality: she is bright and charming but is hard to make friends with and a fantastic warrior so you don’t want to get on her bad side...
    Looks: um she has thick midnight black fur and wide green eyes
    Other: anyone can like or have a crush on her it’s jest she won’t like or have feelings for them in return, not unless you REALLY earn her approval

    Name: Amberstone
    Rank: medicine cat
    Age: 25 moons
    Mate: looking for one
    Kits: none
    Clan: Stormclan
    Personality: everywhere she goes other cats are struck by her incredible beauty, she isn’t very smart but can catch the heart of all the single cats
    Description: she has soft tanned fur with large sapphire blue eyes.
    Family: she has one sister she never talks about (Jadestone) she was originally in the flame clan but transferred to this clan after one car in the other clan broke her delicate heart.
    Other: she rarely sees her sister who thinks she is dead

    Name- Sunheart
    Rank- Warrior
    Age- two years
    Mate- none yet
    Kits- wishs to have some
    Clan- Stormclan
    Family- kitty pets but no one knows not even her. She was found at the edge of her terriotory and they brought her in and raised her to be a warrior.
    Personality- Sunny, bright, optimist, rest will be played.
    Looks- big, bright, orangeish yellow
    Other- none.

    Name- Redpaw
    Rank- apprentice
    Age- 19 moons warrior soon.
    Mate- none.
    Kits- none.
    Clan- Flameclan
    Family- Unknown
    Personality- to be played
    Looks- tabby she-cat
    Other- sorry, nope.
    Name- Thornpaw
    Rank- Apprintice
    Age- 18 moons (Warrior soon)
    Mate- none yet
    Kits- none yet
    Clan- Storm
    Family- Unknown
    Personality- mean. Rest to be played.
    Looks- brown she cat with green eyes

    Name- MeadowSong
    Rank- young Warrior
    Age- 28 moons
    Mate-Many when she was living as a rouge on the streets, but no mate yet now that she joined the clan.
    Kits-Lots of kits when she was living as a rouge, but only two survived to adults. Those two adults are off on the streets still, and they don't want to join the clan.
    Family- Lived with humans as a kit. She was left behind by her housefolk when they moved away, and she lived in the streets with a band of tomcats. She had lots of kits, but only two survived to adults, as life in the streets were harsh and the tomcats weren't exactly kind to her kits either.
    Personality- Popular, graceful, sensitive, aggressive with cats she doesn't trust
    Looks- VERY beautiful. A richly golden cat with short sleek silky fur, bright orange eyes, a white back left paw.
    Other-The clan took her in after her kits left.
    you may hear the story about how she found the clan in the RP later.....

    Name- Cloudfall
    Rank- Warrior (I know it doesn't say whether to include senior or regular warrior but I'm a new warrior)
    Age- Approximately four seasons
    Gender- Female
    Mate- None (Yet, this is a rp so who knows what'll happen?
    Kits- None
    Clan- FlameClan
    Family- (Not established)
    Personality- Is sassy and can sometimes have a sharp tongue, but is also very sweet and kind on the inside, is fiercely loyal to her Clan, and is bright and honest
    Looks- Very very pale gray fur, almost white. She has blotches of other colors on her, like different shades of gray and her ears and front left paw are completely white. Pale green eyes
    Other- She is respectful of the senior warriors and such, but if you're not a senior warrior and she loses her temper with you... watch out! Her tongue can be as sharp as her claws sometimes

    Name: Ravenwhisper
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Warrior
    Age: 17 moons
    Mate: none yet
    Kits: none
    Apprentice: none yet
    Clan: Flame
    Family: unknown
    Personality: fierce, yet quiet and caring when she needs to be(rest to be played out)
    Looks: silky, jet black pelt with a pretty, triangular face, defined ears, and stunning light brown eyes
    Name: Blackpine
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31 moons
    Mate: Meadowsong
    Kits: none
    Apprentice: Moonpaw
    Clan: Storm
    Family: in the making/open
    Personality: brave, bold, outspoken, strong, loyal, and formidable fighter(rest to be played out)
    Looks: Large, muscular black/dark grey tabby tom with broad face, and striking amber green eyes.
    Other: nope


    Description: Mountainous area with few pine trees and hills. These cats are trained to hunt eagles, falcons, hawks and more. They are accustomed to jumping and occasionally landing on one paw to catch certain prey.
    Border with Terrorclan:

    Description: Moor hilly area with scattered Pinetrees. They are known to catch the hares that run here and are trained to swim and fish in the border stream with Lakeclan. Share border with Terrorclan and Lakeclan.
    Border with Stormclan:

    Description: Borders with Terrorclan and Flameclan. It is a marshy area with trees. It has many water birds that cats are trained to hunt especially. They are known to eat frogs and fish.
    Border with Flameclan:

    Description: Large, dark pine forest. It borders with Stormclan and Lakeclan. They have lots of mice and birds that they are trained to hunt.
    Border with Lakeclan:

    The Warrior Code (To be added to as we go on):
    • Apprentices assessments are based on a hunting and fighting test and they must lead at least one patrol.
    • Medicine cats may have mates and kits if they're apprentices have their full name.
    • Elders, and kits fed first in New Leaf, and Green Leaf.
    • Elders, kits and, apprentices fed first in Leaf Fall and Leaf Bare.
    • Queens may attend gatherings if they have kits of three moons or older.
    • Deputy may be any warrior but it is advised that they have an apprentice or have had one.
    • The Clan Leader may force retirement upon a cat if it is for the good clan or their health and safety.
    • Important decisions, other than choosing a deputy, must be voted on by the clan.
    • Warriors and apprentices may not eat until they have hunted or patrolled.
    Dangerous Creatures:
    Live in two packs along territory edge. Very dangerous but Stormclan Cats have developed ways to fight them. They like the mountainous areas and Stormclan uses them as an advantage to defend themselves
    Danger Level- High
    Numbers-1 to every 2 Cats

    Live in trees in Pine Forest, but known to hunt in water on the marshy territories. Will not take full grown cats but due to them kits and young apprentices may not leave camp alone. Very pretty to watch but in Leaf Bare cats must watch out for them in case they will take one due to hunger.
    Danger Level- Low to Medium
    Numbers- 1 to every 4-5 cats

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