Our little flock resides in north-western NJ, just a peck away from the NY state border. We love it here, lots of trees and wildlife and agriculture. Across the street from us is a cozy little pasture with horses, and we have no visible neighbors, even though we have a mere 1.5 acres! The girls seem to like it here, as do the dogs.
Our family is shrinking. We just lost some chickens to a sneaky predator of some sort. We have one RIR, one black-barred rock, and three Americaunas. We also have one very injured black-barred rock; we're not sure of her fate yet. We also have 2 dogs - both rescued from a shelter. Moby is our 8-year old "adolescent" - he still has a crazy high energy level, requiring hours of fetch daily. He's a mutt, maybe shepherd/lab/boxer/pitt/who knows really. Sasha is our little princess - Belgian Malanois. She sits pretty and watches Moby go nuts as he barks at thunder/firecrackers/bugs on the wall/whatever.
IMG_0070.gif Moby and Sasha

Moby would like to have chicken for dinner every night. Sasha wants to herd them into a circle. What a team.

We also have baby on the way (human, that is.) Due at the end of July!