Hello everyone!!!! I'm 2months into chickens, started with 4 and now have 32 chicks/hens/pullets/roos/7 in the incubator/11 under a broody. I started with a metal horse shed and a small yard, only to expand to a cement sod shed and a way bigger yard, I have a happy spoiled flock. Everything with my chickens is recycled, used, already had items and has worked out great for us, we are in the process of sectioning off and making individual coops and yards for our breeds.
My flock consists of Rhode Island Reds, French Black Copper Marans, bearded Americauans, Rhode Island Whites, Sex-links (golden & black), Leghorns, Barred Rocks, 1 mutt game hen ( I didn't want a mutt, but she's my best egg layer and has a great personality), All my chickens have great personalities, sweetest gals 'n' guys I know, I have about 6 chicks, they are full breed, but I'm just not sure what breeds they are, just waiting for their little butts to grow up. I'm just a tiny bit addicted to chickens, along with my children and husband. We love them, their eggs, we haven't met one we didn't fall for. My son adopted a runt, Princess, this week, she is our in house pullet until she can catch up with her sisters. We just love them,like everyone else on here!!!