Greetings from the Little House Under the Prairie (in Kansas)
My husband and I rennovated a 20 year old berm (underground, earth sheltered on 3 sides) house 5 years ago. This picture was taken about the time the work was finished.
We have recently decided to add a small flock of chickens to our menagerie of 4 rescue dogs and a rescue cat. The chickens are on my other page.
Bandit showed up at the home of a friend several years ago as a 3-4 month old kitten. She couldn't keep him, so I took him. He weighs in at about 13 lbs, but he looks much bigger because he is so fluffy. He clearly is the master of all he surveys.
Lucky was rescued from a young man who really didn't have a good place to keep a dog. He is a Dachsund who can melt your heart with one of these looks. He also eats furniture occasionally.
Charlie is a 13 year old Brittany/Shorthair pointer cross. He is a bit of a double rescue. I adopted his mother when he was only 2 weeks old, and then I had to rescue him from the person I placed him with when he was neglected at the age of about 8 months.
Sunny was adopted from the local animal shelter when she was 8 months old. She was a chronic runaway from her previous family, but she has never made any moves to get very far away from me. She is 13.
Kaydee is our newest adoption. At 12 lbs, she is the smallest of the crew, and she is the only one who is a threat to the chickens. Sigh. She is very sweet and came to us from an elderly owner who couldn't keep her groomed. She is Lucky's playmate.