2011 - a new beginning for me. Got a divorce & am on my own for the first time in 30 years! Bought a home & 8 acres in the country this summer & am love, love, loving it!! Wasn't raised in the country, but got here as quickly as I could :) Live in a little town called Terlton. It's about 40 minutes west of Tulsa. I love hearing the coyote & owl each morning and evening and the train whistle in the distance. The night skies are to die for - I know I've been truly blessed!
Put out my deer cam in hopes of actually seeing the deer I have, rather than just their prints along the creek. What a surprise that I've seen so much wildlife! Racoons, skunks, armadillo, fox, owls, box turtles, opossum, even a grey crane looking bird. There is also some unidentifiable creature that looks like a ferret. Not sure what that one is. But, as of yet, those beautiful deer have evaded my camera.
And so.....I decided I wanted my own fresh eggs, rather than buying them at the market. Bought 10 of these cute little chicks at Atwoods for 1.79 each on Sunday 10/9. Have them in a wood crate in the greenhouse with rabbit screen over the top. (For protection from my kitties) I think they are darling litte things & just want to hold them all the time. Course I can't - gotta go to work so I can feed 'em!
Been looking at designs for a coop. And I want a cute one! But I know I just need to be practicle & make a safe place for them while they grow. Have the perfect spot picked out for the hen house and will start buying materials to make one pretty soon. Can't wait!