Yesterday we took delivery of two fluffy little babies, shipped from McMurray's with 48 chickie friends. I am new to chicks, new to this site. I named them Fettuccini and Parmigiana, on a facetious suggestion from a friend; the names just stuck. Kind of long to be calling them by though. We'll see what pans out. Last night was their first night with us. They did fine over night, but I was concerned that Parmigiana seemed a little constipated? I am watching her closely today, and encouraging drinking.

Holy cow, I guess I forgot how to log in. My girls are nearly a year old now! I have an Americauna and a Silver-Laced Wyandotte. The Americauna just finished her first moult, but hasn't started laying again yet. She did get her muff back though. I think the other one might be starting, but she's still laying...so reliable!!

Both girls are once again laying most reliably. They are so funny, begging for treats at the back door, and letting me know when what I offer isn't the treat they had in mind. They LOVE watermelon. Good for summer, cool and juicy out of the fridge. I'm afraid they're getting spoiled on this now too. First it was steel cut oats, which I must keep in stock (or they peck at the back door), now watermelon, which they eat down to the paper-thinnest green skin.