A relative newbie to chickens as an adult, I chased them as a child and have always loved animals of any sort. With economic times being what they are, when we were asked about "adopting" 6 Buff Orphington Hens and a Roo, in May of 2010 we accepted. Of course we had no coop.. no nothing. So before my DH and DS came to pick them up at the school where I teach, he made a stop at the local home improvement store for supplies. What he came home with is a 10 x 10 chain link dog kennel and the mesh to cover it. By the time I got home, the "coop" was ready We now have a huge variety of chickens.. mainly because I can't make up my mind just what kind is my favorite. By the spring of 2012, I will be offering eggs/chicks steadily from the following breeds: Welsummers, BLRW, Silve laced Wyndotte, RIR, Buff, White, Blue, Black, Splash and Lavendar Orpingtons (loves those orps), Speckled, light and coronation sussex, Delaware, Brahma (both light and buff), standard cochins, and black Australorp