My BYC Page

Shes a Red Roan
Yes, I have red hair and freckles

I moved to the country (about 30 miles south of Ft Worth, TX) in 2000. At that time our area of TX was going through a grasshopper plague!!! A good friend of mine, who had chickens, suggested I get some chickens to help with the grasshopper PROBLEM!!!
Hummmmm, this sounds like fun. A new adventure.
I've always been an animal person......dogs, cats, parakeets, canary, hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, .....then chickens came into my life. I started with a few Black Australorp, Barred Rock & Buff Orpington. With my friend's advice and my own experiences I learned how to 'keep' chickens. Those little 'year 2000' feed store chicks taught me so much!!
At first all I was interested in was having them to eat the hoppers, then I realised how much fun they were to watch and how they were mobile fertilizer spreaders. THEN when they started laying eggs........this was the BEST!!!
I've been learning more and more every year, good times and bad times (June 2008, when my Mom died, I lost ALL my flock, most of my cats & my 8 yr old wire fox terrier, sweet Ms. Oodles [all due to coyote]). I felt really picked on at that could this all come raining down upon me at the same time?!?!
Fast forward 33 months,
now I have great pyrennes as farm security, and as of April 2010, can once again have my chicken family. I've had to start all over again, but found BYC to help me.
My BYC family has become my teacher.
Thank you BYC Family,