I decided a week ago today to go ahead a turn my in town back yard partially into my little patch of heaven. I grew up on a beautiful farm but married a youth pastor who is a city boy. I Miss the farm and country life very mutch. We can afford to move to the country at this point in our life so I decided to bring alittle of it to me. After wrestling through Brantfords bi-laws on Chickens and finding a loop hole thanks to another local back yard farmer. So I joined the local poultry club and have hit transforming the shed into a chicken coop. I am on my own in the whole coop and chicken adventure as my hubby is not a builder or intrested much in my latest adventure....lol. I do have the ocasional "help" from my 4 kids. My 6 year old is the most intrested in helping. My 4 year old just likes to bring us drinks ( if they make it to us) and popsicles. We are getting rid of the pool soon so I started by taking down the left side of the fence and planning how I would enclose it to the shed. The people who lived there before us built the shed and they really didnt know what they were doing so I have alot of work ahead just to make the shed safe for chickens and to keep out unwanted guests. I had to remove over a hundred nails out of the shed that were sticking out of walls and serving no purpouse at all. there is alot of "junk" wood behind the shed and Im hoping to use as much of it as possable to make the coop. Im hoping to get 5 or 6 DOMINIQUE Hens once the coop and large run is completed. Im in Ontario Canada and so far havent found any where I can get them. We just left for a week of holidays camping so work on my little patch of country has come to a hult......good time to do more reserch and learning though. Here are a few pic's of the start of my adventure. Enjoy.........

first thing.....Taking down the left side of the pool fence!