Shipping LIVE birds the basics (ins and outs)

By CelticOaksFarm · Jan 18, 2013 · ·
  1. CelticOaksFarm
    1. NEVER ship any bird(s) that show any signs of being sick
    2. Use the proper box for the bird(s) you are shipping. Bigger is not always better as they can be tossed about inside. The same goes for being aware of the boxes weight limit.
    3. NEVER ship late in the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are the best days for shipping out live birds.
    4. Be aware the scans may not always be up to date and accurate. The online system updates when the scan guns are plugged back into their cradles at the post office/hub
    5. The USPS is only responsible for losses or damage to your bird(s) during shipping. They are not responsible for death(s) of your bird(s) if the shipping box was not damaged during transit.
    6. When you ship via Express mail the PO will give you a "guaranteed" arrive by date/time. This CAN change once the box is in route due to weather conditions, dry ice cargo (deadly to birds) or unpressurised cargo plane. All of these things can cause a delay in arrival and are NOT grounds for a refund of shipping fees.
    7. USPS has aps for smart phones. The one for iPhones allows you to scan the shipping bar code (or enter the DC/Tracking number) and track the box right from your phone.
    8. Using USPS CLICK & SHIP (online shipping payment and label printing from home) will save you roughly 15% per box you ship. Customers appreciate this savings.

    Please read everything available from the links below.
    The USPS doesn't have to allow us to ship live birds, and it is up to us to understand the rules completely so we do not put our birds at risk.
    DO NOT count on your local USPS office to know the rules for shipping, 9 times out of 10 they dont have a clue.

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  1. Ann Lotten
    Valuable info. Thanks for sharing.
  2. AliciaM
    Just a quick question... I know the temps need to be above 35 degrees, but is that for night time AND daytime? The place I need to ship a couple adult ducks has daytime temps above 35, but night time temps are down way below that...
  3. daze333
    Great, thanks!
  4. CelticOaksFarm
    please do, thats why i wrote it
  5. daze333
    If I start to ship babies, do you mind if I copy this?
  6. CelticOaksFarm
    thank you both
  7. daze333
  8. babymakes6
    WOW! Great information, as always!

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