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  1. jgoldy2
    There are many elememts that go into showing birds. I know that from experience while it may seem simple as I thought it would, it is not, although there are regular pet chickens there.

    Choosing the right breed
    Even in this step there are many choices to make do you have kids then bantams are great, will it be an APA or ABA show check to see if the breed is reconized by the APA and ABA, and what do you have space for.
    The best breeds to show are
    Silver Laced Wyndottes
    Quail Antwarp Belgiums
    Mille Fleur D'uccles
    Speckeled Sussex
    Old English Game
    And were do I get good birds? Look around for non-hatchery breeders, there are some even here on BYC and Sunshine farms has show quality silkies.

    Slecting the right birds
    This is a task it's self first start with the standard of Perfection what the judges go off of.
    Then just judge them your self.

    Bath time
    Now to the actual preparations for show get a bucket of soapy water, a bucket of Apple Cider Vinager water and a rinse bucket
    Also toenail clippers, old towels, and a tooth brush to scrub feet with.
    You can get your chicken wet as long as you dont get the head wet, expect flaping at first but then they will calm down, once you have finished to bath, rap them up like a burrito in a towel and dry the chickens. Then let them spent the night in a crate.

    Now it is time for show!!!!!
    The morning of show arive early and put Vaseline on the legs and comb reddener on the combs and wattles, give food but, five minutes before the judge comes take food away, this will result in a better appearance.

    Here are some show photos at my a show last month
    Two at once but some missing excitement

    We are ready, showmanship tomorrow but still why not get ready.

    Special thanks to:
    My chickens
    Mountain Peeps

    This is my first article

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    Thanks, mymilliefleur you and Mountian Peeps inspire me to keep writing, this won't be my last article
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    Great job on the article!!
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    Thanks especially to Mountain Peeps
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    This is a nice informative article.
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