One day last summer, my sweet husband said "get dressed we're going for a drive". Really what he meant was he had a surprise for me. After surfing craigslist he found a breeder a couple of hours away that had ameracauna chicks for sale. Knowing that I loved those blue eggs, we went for a drive, to purchase some chicks.
We went into the families garage where their brooder was located. Inside the brooder there were also 4 tiny white silkie chicks and two tiny bantam chicks. These 6 unfortunate little ones where being knocked around by the bigger ameracuana chicks. Oh I just could not leave them like this. So being that my sweet hubby spoils me, he let me bring those fuzzy butts home too.
Now it's spring and I have 2 silkie hens, 2 silkie roosters and 2 barred rock bantams hens. The silkies have begun to lay eggs. So once again the hubby is making a chicken lot for my pet chickens. Hopefully my little hens can be successful at hatching and rearing the start of my silkie flock.