Hello everyone! Connor here!
Completely redid my BYC page.
I raise blue, splash, and white show silkies, along with some other breeds(hopefully some bantam cochins in the near future) I am all about poultry and have always been fascinated with birds since I was little. I recently got into silkies and discovered they were, if not my absolute favorite, one of my favorite breeds of all time.
Every time I go out to my pens, I discover more about the breed. It amazes me how different chickens appear to be once you learn the subtle differences chickens possess. My father looks at two birds and says "They look the same to me" but I see that one has a better comb while the other has a better cushion and less hard feathers in the tail, carries its wings higher, and has better type. Years ago, I would have said the something along the same lines as my father, right after I got over the fact that not all chickens are white or brown and live in big barns where they are processed for meat and eggs.
My little operation here at home is growing and getting more efficient in my opinion. I am slowly getting rid of undesirable birds and breeds and selling them to loving owners. I am trying to get rid of all my hatchery quality silkies and my standard light brahmas(the brahmas eat sooooo much!) I am also about to sell the lesser of my show silkies, buy a few more hens, and really get into show silkie production. Cochins or some other small fluffy breed, maybe mille fleurs?, will live in my old pens, as my old pens cannot be used for my show silkies(only the best for my spoiled silkies lol)
Ultimate goal is to have black and buff silkies along with my other colors and have a steady stream of business, but I don't think I could support my future family by only doing that, which is why I am going to college to become a pharmacist! Hooray! will be able to afford all sorts of birds then, hehe

Can't wait to show my birds in the upcoming show nearby and can't wait for my birds to start laying! The little devils love making me wait...sigh... But, its worth the wait in my opinion. Hope I don't have to downsize too much when I move away to another college in a few years....

But, anyways, if you raise silkies or cochins and live near Mayo, Florida, hit me up! Maybe we can do some business with each other. I also would like to become friends with other enthusiasts so hit me up if you want to talk about silkies or other things.

About Me
I am 18, just graduated a few months ago from highschool(class salutatorian) with honors. Live with my family still and will for the next couple of years, as the community college I am going to is only 30 minutes away and rent is FREE at home lol. Have two sisters and a brother, all younger. Parents are in education. Like to watch tv, go see movies, hang out with friends, etc. Unfortunately, nobody around here raises chickens for a hobby so I don't get to talk chickens with anyone a lot. But whatever, life goes on