Hello! I live in Granton, Wisconsin. I want to someday go on to Veterinary School. I am only 16, but have many different kinds of poultry. I live on a small hobby farm in the country. I, myself, have nun, fantail, utility king, and tumbler pigeons, sheep (for the fair), rabbits, bourben red turkey trio, and bantoms. My family also has rheas, peacocks, mini donkey, mini pony. I am interested in any kind of poultry. I will buy, sell and trade... Tell me what you have! I am looking for poultry, goats, incubators, poultry and veterinary books, cages, wire, egg candlers, and much, much more. I love to take pictures of my animals.
You can email me at:
[email protected]
Feel free to call me about anything at: 1-715-897-6122