Hi all, I'm Megan aka silvercat. I live in upstate New York nestled on the hillside of fourty acres.
I am a stay at home mom, EMT and a chicken wrangler! We started in the spring of 2010 with chickens as one of our dog's had lymes and our vet recommened chickems. We started with a old dog kennel and fenced in an area for chickens. We found a local a person through our feed store selling chickens, we started out with six golden comets and a run of the mill rooster. We also received two black astralops in the later summer. We lost one of our hens to our dog, the dog is no longer with us as we had a third child and he was too much for me to handle. When we started with chickens I told my children we wouldn't have chicks until the following year because I was going to be having a baby. We managed to build a house in the fall of 2010 that was right for us and the chickens. We built a house that is eight feet by eight feet and a feced in area that runs six feet by twenty feet. Plenty of room to expand our flock, in the spring we got six chicks for easter. We watched these chicks grow from a week old until current and what great thing to see. We also have two buff orphngtons and five cochin/bantam mix. We had a broody hen but none of the eggs were viable, so after 25 days of her sitting on them I took her off! She's my favorite hen, I'm hoping her and the rooster make me a baby! I look back at how things have changed in a year we went from six chickens to twenty.
I love my chickens!