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Silvergatefarmss Page

  1. silvergatefarms
    Silvergate Farms
    Goldthwaite, Texas
    I currently have LARGE FOWL wyandottes(Blue laced red, SQsilver laced, SQblue black and splash) Marans(black copper, wheaton), SQAustralorps, Gold Laced Cochins and a few EE. In BANTAMS I have wyandotte(SQbarred, SQ columbian, gold laced, SQsilver laced, SQdun, SQblack, SQpartridge, silver penciled progect, and project white laced reds), and some silkies.
    We also have Call ducks in pastel, butterscotch, and one silver apricot. Sebastopol Geese, and some hatchery rouen ducks.
    We raise Paint and Quarter Horses as well as registered Boer Goats.
    We just completed my chicken barn in the fall 2010, well except haven't got the water lines run yet so hoses will have to do until then.
    Enjoy looking at my barn and chickens!

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