I live in a city, and only have 3 chickens, so my coop is pretty small. I don't have pictures of the building process, but I have photos of the outcome!

First, I made a concrete foundation for my coop because I have a lot of predators and rats in my yard
Then I made wood frames for the sides and stapled chicken wire to the inside of the frames
I put the frames and the door into the concrete when it was mostly dry, but still wet enough that it would stick together. I hammered in nails to reinforce it
Then I built the sleeping area which is a large cube, and the nesting boxes which is a rectangle attached to the sleeping area. The nesting boxes were the hardest to make and it took a while to fit it into the sleeping area
Finally I added roosts, a ladder, and latches


The roof is clear so they get sun but no rain. I grew grapes around it so it looks nice and my girls also get a snack from it. There are herbs around (kind of hard to see) for my girls to eat and so


I have two feeders: An upright feeder with a hole to fit a hen's head in, and a big, open one for my crested bird because she can't fit her head in the upright feeder's hole

There are two drinking feeders although my girls always want to drink from the same one :lau


There is a mini roost in the main coop because sometimes my Crèvecœur won't fly up onto the roost. I also have a hanging chicken block made of sunflower seeds and mealworms that swings when my girls peck it, which they enjoy


I have a couple chicken signs but they keep falling off :( here’s the one that stays. The other sign says I poop breakfast, what’s your super power?:lol:

And that’s the coop! Thanks for reading :)
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