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By ap100684 · May 24, 2015 · Updated May 24, 2015 ·
  1. ap100684
    This is a spinoff of Ana White's A-frame coop. HOPEFULLY I've made mine different enough to justify it's own write up. Thank you Ana for the inspiration and thank you BYC for being an indispensable resource for us DIYers.

    (mostly) Finished product:


    Protection from rain / snow
    Direct contact with ground- no gaps
    No bedding needed for most of year (except for nest boxes)
    Easy to construct
    Low maintenance

    Heavy (could have used lighter framing?)
    No wheels (I use a pvc pipe to roll on)
    Requires frequent moving since no bedding

    I pretty much winged the construction of this coop. It is nearly an equilateral triangle with a 6 x 8 (48sqft) footprint. There is a 47" roosting pole and two small nesting boxes up top and another 47" pole on the outside. I kept this as simple as possible. My favorite feature is the rigid 1" pvc coated wire which serves as the floor to the top section.

    ~11 2x4x8
    4 pressure treated 2x4x8 for ground-contacting pieces
    2 2x2x8 for feed hangers and wire floor
    2 sheets 7/16" OSB for roof
    another piece 7/16" OSB or 1/4" lauan or whatever you want for end piece and door
    about 16' of 48" wire cut into 2, 24" strips. I used the heavier duty 1/2" mesh because I had it laying around.
    1/2" steel staples for fastening wire to framing
    48" square piece of 1x1" pvc coated screen (luckily i had this laying around too)
    ~16 x 36 Piece of rigid plastic to catch poo before dropping in feeders
    2 flush mount hinges for door
    2 threaded hooks for feed hangers
    2 nesting boxes
    Deckmate screws and impact driver ;)

    Make cuts. Paint pieces. Nail mesh between bottom 8' boards. Fasten this to your 3 truss pieces for each side.
    Fasten sistered 2x4s between trusses at the peak. Fasten treated 2x4s on the bottom of each end.
    Add lateral bracing, floor support 2x2s and door frame (allow at least 12" opening for standard feeders)
    Cut either a piece of plywood to serve as the floor OR opt for the 1" coated wire that I later switched to. Cut end piece. Crawl inside and nail remaining mesh to ends.
    Definitely should have painted before installing the wire.

    7/16" OSB roof and thin lauan plywood on end (or whatever you want to use)


    7/16" OSB door. Finally got to use my iron shutter dogs. The original thought was to have the nesting boxes accessible via the upper portion of this door.

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