We are excited to share our coop Design.

First thing I want to do is thank the SSLFamily for making these plans available for free. Visit Simplesuburbanliving.com or download the pdf at this link

We built this coop in the spring of 2021. We made a few modifications to allow for the deep liter method. We have 6 ISA Browns. We live on a 1/4 acre in the suburbs. We are only allowed 6 hens per our local ordinance. The Hen house is 4ft x 4ft, the run is 4ft x 8ft. The big thing I have learned is that I would probably recommend building a bigger coop if you have the space. It should not be an issue for us because we are limited to 6 hens. We only had the chickens for a few months when I started getting the urge to get lots more chickens.

Click here for a video tour of our coop




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