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    Francis is one of my all time favorite chickens! He is a one-year-old gray partridge silkie I got from Marjorie Best and I've loved him since the first day I had him.

    They say silkies are hard to sex, but I had an inkling that he was, in fact, a "he" since the first day I got him. He was adorably cute, and was kind of a goofball when he was little. He's always been extremely talkative as well! He is always gently "burburbur"-ing in the background when I hold or talk to him and is very good at crowing for being a not-so-manly looking silkie.

    He lives with his girlfriend Violet, a mille fleur cochin and happily protects her from the standard sized girls when they are out and about. It's pretty adorable, but for some reason we don't get any fertilized eggs from her. I guess they're just really good friends :p

    Here is a list of some of Francis' favorite things:
    -Meal Worms
    -Getting a Haircut (so he can see, haha)

    And here's a picture of Violet...just because she's so dang cute :p

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