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By sithchickens · Apr 2, 2013 · Updated Apr 2, 2013 ·
  1. sithchickens
    We live in Aurora, Colorado, and have been trying to go less dependent for our needs.
    One of the ways we decided to do this was by getting some egg layers. [​IMG]We originally looked into Red Star, or (Sex Links). It turned out these are hard to find around here, so we went Black Stars. We got them at Elizabeth Country Corner. They were all great folks down there. As you will notice these are black chicks, and will stay on the dark side into adulthood. Hence Sith Chickens. All of their names will carry the Sith marker Darth. As such we now have Darth Poofy, Darth Fuzzy (as named by our 3 and 8 year olds), Darth Pollo (mine), Darth Cluck (wife), and Darth V (pronounced Five) !
    We repurposed our now previously unused playpen as a brooder. And I will begin building a coop shortly. I bought the reasonably priced plans from "sunnychicken" for the dutch style coop.
    The city we live in has "no chickens"[​IMG] laws, but we live just inside the unincorporated zone, and the county doesn't care. Our only concern is the HOA. Another no farm animals rule.[​IMG] We have decided that these are now pets, and if asked we will respond that "yes, we do have pet birds".[​IMG] Besides, it seems right that Sith Chickens should be kind of stealth anyway.[​IMG]
    More pics to come of the coop build.
    Looking forward to having fresh eggs that we know where they came from.[​IMG]



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