Our Chicken Story
(How chicken math worked for me)
One day in our (chickenless) backyard a very sweet Rhode Island Red came walking up. Neither of us had ever owned or even petted a chicken before and we were honestly a little freaked out. "do chickens bite, am I going to get a disease?" My hubby put on gardening gloves and picked her up. Its kind of embarrasing now that I think about it but we didnt know.
we asked all of our neighbors if they knew where she came from and as it turns out, she sort of grew on us. after all she let us pick her up and pet her and still to this day hasnt pecked or been mean to anyone. We named her "Lucky" because she could have been picked up by someone who was happy to have chicken pot pie for dinner.

So, now that we suddenly have a pet chicken, Hubby (not too happy about it) built a large coop with a fenced in "yard" for her during the day. Well one day at the feed store trying to figure out all that i would need to home a chicken, I came across the baby chicks.
"Poor Lucky, all by herself we can't have that, can we?" I bought 4, week old, chicks, 3 EE and 1 Barred Rock. but Lucky still had to wait a number of weeks before her new friends could join her. Here are my 4 "babies" at about 9-10 weeks (the barred rock is a little younger)

Lo'n behold we discovered a distant neighbor waaaay down the street was a missing chicken. By this time we had Lucky about 3 weeks. I offered her back but he said we could keep her and her old friend "Goldie" a large buff orpington . so now I have 6 chickens.

Update 12/14/2010
Hathor ended up being a LOUD roo and my neighbors couldn't take it anymore, he has been adopted out to a farm family nearby. so now i guess you can call 5chicks.