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By skata-31 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. skata-31
    I have read a lot about how to prevent chickens from eating there own eggs. I have tried ALL methods but nothing worked. I have 31 chickens and i was collecting about 12 to 15 eggs a day and then for 3 weeks i thought my chickens went on STIKE! [​IMG] I then discovered that the eggs were being eaten by my chickens as i found traces of egg yolk in their laying nests. This was costing me a lot of money. I believe I have found the right solution as now I am collecting cartons of eggs and I have found no traces of yolk. IF YOU WOULD LIKE THIS SOLUTION EMAIL ME AND FOR $5 I CAN GIVE YOU THE ANWSER OR FOR $150.00 + POSTAGE AND HANDLING I CAN SEND YOU OUT THE ITEM. What do you have to lose?? NOTHING, $5 will only buy you a dozen eggs at the supermarket!!!! My answer will give you your eggs back and lots of MONEY $$$$$$$
    EMAIL me for your solution

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