Hello,,,My Name is Tina and I live in the wilds of Arkansas with my wonderful husband Sam. Our home also includes, A Fuzzy Cat, A Big Black Dog, and a beautiful flock of a 10 spoiled Rotten chickens. Our flock includes 3 Brown Leghorns, Molly, Eire, and Celt. 3 EE's, Blu, Goldie and Red. 2 Austrolorps, Buttons and Bows. 2 Aconas, Acorn and Acona (Yeah, I made that one up all by myself!!haha). My flock is laying now!!! We get from 4-8 eggs a day. They have a run to play in measuring 15 foot wide by 50 foot long. They also have a 8 foot by 8 foot little gray house, they call home. We are also working on a new 'HenHut', for the flock of Black Marans we plan on getting in the spring!! The new henhouse is 8X12, and the run is 30X50 completely inclosed. So wish us 'luck', and Thank you for stopping in to check us out,,, Take good care,,,
Tina,Sam, and Flock Family,,,,,