The Braham in one of the heavy, soft feathered breeds who have an excellent temperament and beautiful appearance. These are a favorite for those who like to have a quite, hardy, large breed that lays well and thrives in the colder climates.

The Brahma are good layers of large tinted brown eggs. They make excellent brooders & are good mothers. They are available in the large & bantam size, in 4 colors, Dark, Buff, Light, and Partridge. With Light & Buff being the most popular colors. .

They are a heavy breed & should weigh between 10 and 12 lb for males & 6-8 lb for females. When viewing this breed, they should have a broad, square & deep body. The feathering, whilst profuse, should be compact & close to the body, unlike the cochin. The overall shape from the side view should be that of a 'U', with a short back that is flat or slightly hollow. The tail is of medium length & rising nearly upright.

I am raising the Gold Partridge, which is the European color, there is also an American Partridge color which is more accepted in the breed, but not as widely available as Buff, Light or Dark.

I currently have 1-3 year old rooster, 1 -3 year old hen, 1-1.5 year old hen, 5-6 month old pullets and 5-6 month old cockerels (as of December 2008). My stock is vulture hock free and show quality. I am always looking to bring in new blood and am willing to trade young stock and/or eggs.

There are currently less than 100 Partridge Brahma’s in the state of Wisconsin, and I am working on increasing those numbers through selective breeding and an aggressive placement program.
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