My husband and I recently started our poultry adventure. We have all different types of birds. We started with just some straight run chicks form the farm store, but have recently been getting some babies from a private breeder. They are so much fun to watch grow and change. We have Comets, NH Reds, Wyndots (Silver Laced and Golden Laced), Cochins, a Silkie, Anaconas, Bantams and some quail. We have some other ones that I am not sure what they are. (I know the spelling isn't great)
We are located in Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154 and we are currently looking for an incubator that someone doesn't need any longer and wants to get rid of or sell pretty inexpensive. We are raising the chickens for eggs, to hatch and for 4H projects so we have a lot going on. I have read so many different books and learn something new each time.
We are learning a lot about chickens and my huaband has recently been facinated by Quail so we are now learning about those as well.
Any information that anyone wants to share would be great, and you can feel free to email me at [email protected] or text me at 513-518-5227.
Teresa and Scott

June 7th Update:
We hatched 50+ Coturnix Quail eggs and 2 button quail eggs. They are sooooooo cute!
We have Bob White Quail in the bator and they peeped this morning. I can't wait to see these little guys.
My Cochin Bantams eggs have not been fertile and I don't know what to do. I have tried putting a rubberband in their feathers to move some of the fluff but that doesn't seem to be working. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. (These are show birds, so I can't clip the feathers).
November 2010 Update, I am now NPIP certified and will only accept eggs from people who are also NPIP certified