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By SleepyOwl · Dec 8, 2012 · Updated Jun 11, 2013 ·
  1. SleepyOwl
    Just a spot to put the stuff I have to swap, what I want, who I owe, what is owed to me.... ect. [​IMG]

    Scrapbook Album, pick one



    Owed to me:

    Redbrush farms - I won 12 OEGB eggs when they start laying well

    1/30/13 DMRippy - 6 SBEL, 8 hen's choice
    1/6/13 kraftyladies - 6 orps and ams in the spring, 6 combo of white and lav orpscombo of
    6+ mystery chicks in the Spring from her..4/18/13 madamwlf - I won
    5/16/13 kraftyladies - 6+ Crele Orps, 12+ white orps late winter/spring let her know when I am ready

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