Well, we finally got chickens. I've been trying to talk my husband into it for YEARS. Finally, he consented. Memorial Day we picked up 6 beautiful birds from a local guy. According to him we got 4 BO, 2 Mutts, all pullets. Hah! My sweet dog tried to play with one, down to 5.
Then we decided we could use more chickens. Found a different local guy with California Whites, got 3. Up to 8.
Those California Whites were evil. Sketchy, into EVERYTHING, stubborn & stupid. Great egg layers, but thought they were gonna drive my husband crazy. Put up a fence, they go over. Put out a motion detector sprinkler, they just stand there and take the water for 30 sec, then back to destroying the garden. Gave them to a friend with a huge fenced in run whose chicks don't free range. Back down to 5.
3 are Roosters! Keeping one. Down to 3.
Found yet another local guy with pullets for sale. Yay! Picked up 1 BO, 3 BR & 2 Spotted Sussex. After quarantine, we have been introducing them to our original 3. So far so good. Maybe tomorrow they will be ready to be unattended together in coop.
Got our first egg from original 3 yesterday. A cute little pinky brown one. One of the mutt chickens did it, maybe she's a cochin cross. Has some leg feathers.
That's our story so far. I love these girls - can't believe we waited so long!