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By Snapnzap · Dec 27, 2012 · Updated Mar 15, 2013 ·
  1. Snapnzap
    Thanks everyone for being so generous! This is so much fun!

    I am owed:

    15 spring chicks mix of Olandsk Dwarf / Jubilee Orp / Legbar claimed 12/25/12


    Papa Brooder:
    18+ Hatching eggs mix of Brahmas/ Lemon and Jubilee orp,/ Legbar Early Spring claimed 12/25/12

    12+ Golden Laced Brahma and any other Brahma Hatching eggs to make up the difference March/April claimed 12/25/12
    8 Coral Blue Guinea Eggs when I have a broody :) claimed 12/12

    6 spring or sooner assorted fowl claimed 1/7/13
    6 spring or sooner assorted fowl claimed 1/7/13

    Suprise me eggs when VA paperwork comes in. claimed 2/21/13

    suprise me in may when you come to the area. Claimed 3/4/13

    During the 12/25 swap cjwaldon passed some turkey eggs from WVstruttin on to me and they are working on getting them to me (So Nice!)

    Wish List:
    Partridge Brahma
    Turkey (I haven't picked a type yet)
    Gold Laced Brahma
    Dark Brahma
    Cream Crested Legbar
    Non-Solid color LF Orpington, Jubilee, Partridge, Lemon Cuckoo, creole
    Cute goat cake toppers/edible decorations from AyeUpChuck
    Hen saddles

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