Name: Snowflash
Alter Egos: Sea (See-uh), Snowy, Rainleaf, Rainy, The Almighty Authoress
Age: 14 and a half, freshman
Personality: Kinda bi-polar. I'm known for being violent, angry, and hating life in general, kinda like Gaz, and then being happy, random, and spaztastic with a strange fetish for tacos, kinda like Gir, and then being obsessive and stalkerish, kinda like Dib, and then being an emo writer chick... doesn't sound like any cartoon characters this time... maybe later.
Things I do a lot: Write, draw, write, obsess over Invader Zim, write, obsess over other things, and obsess over Invader Zim. Did I already say write?
Things I love: Invader Zim (ZIMMY AND DIBBERS AND GAZZY AND GIR AND TAK! -squeal-), This site (One look and I was in love....), Warriors (Hello, talking cats that fight with each other? SCORE!), Chickens are cool too. (They be fun to stroke.), Caffiene (I practically live off the stuff.), Writing (FANFICTION FOREVER!), Reading (FANFICTION FOREVER!), Drawing (FANFICTION FOREVER!), Late nights (I live to write late.), Early mornings (I live to write early too.), Couches (Good for when your favorite sleep deprieved writer is too tired to stay awake.), Did I mention Invader Zim? (Seriously, most epic, awesomest show to ever exist. EVER.)

Things I dislike: Whiners (Got a house full of 'em, don't need anymore.), Hammers (Long story involving my siblings, me, and who got the last piece of cake.... I've never been the same sense.), My siblings' voices (Too high-pitched, too whiny, too obnoxious, too loud, and when you hear constant talking from teh same people for months on end....), Homework (Clearly, we don't get along well; I should be doing my homework now.), Coffee (Smells bad, and it's a religious thing.), My siblings in general (Too whiny, too obnoxious, too loud, and too nosy!), People who dislike Invader Zim (What in the name of Irk is wrong with you?), Backstabbers (Yeah, you kinda ruined my ENTIRE life. So that's why I want revenge, you witch.), And many more things and people!