Japanese Quail seem to have my attentions overall i now have roughly 40+ aldult breeders holding in pairs to colonies and so on. mostly Texas A+Ms to Jumbo wilds and everthing in between.
I am a hatch addict. my incubator seems to never stop running unless it's being cleaned out!
right now we're expecting to add peafowl(in the bator) to the farm with a few guinea fowl that have just hatched as of 6/14/11. exited to raise these as free range tick eaters.
bantams are all over along with our lovely production RIRs that give us our beautiful double yolker brown eggs and or white leghorns with theirs in the whites as well! (moyers chicks in Bucks County PA) they ship all over the country and their birds are by far favored by most in our area as some of the BEST layers around. www.moyerschicks.com
with the gamebirds/exotic fowl noisy messy ducks and all the chickens clucking and crowing we have horses kicking up dirt and enjoying pasture life as well as our two dogs a mini daushound and a siberian husky. it;s never a slow or dull moment around but we wouldnt ask for it any other way.