Things I've learned in my first eight weeks of keeping chickens in beautiful South Orange County, California, where the only things that resemble and act like animals, are the housewives...
1. The children in the neighborhood will never again lovingly call you, "Crazy DOG Lady".
2. When attempting to purchase feed, be prepared to either bring a photo, or to draw one, of the animal for which you are purchasing feed. It helps the employees at the feed and tack store to figure out which bag to give you (they can match up the photo with the illustration on the bag). Finally, be sure to check the bag before the employee tosses it into your Lexus trunk and you get all the way home, only to find an illustration of a goat on the front of the bag.
3. Always remember not to put your groceries into your Lexus trunk after you have been carrying around a bag of goat feed for return to the feed and tack store. Most likely, the goat feed has been sitting in the feed and tack store for so long, it is full of bugs, who then decide the Uncle Ben's in your grocery bag is their next favorite nesting spot. Gross.
4. Dogs love chicken poo. Chicken poo dog breath is just plain nasty!
5. Once you acquire chickens in the O.C., all of your friends and family suddenly come to believe that you simply MUST have your entire home decorated in all things "chicken" (sort of like when you purchase a billiards table and everyone thinks you're just dying for one of those posters of all the dogs playing poker and smoking know the one). I now realize that every birthday, Valentine, Easter and "just because" gift will likely have a "poultry" theme. I had no idea they made so many things in the shape of a rooster. Really?
To be continued......