So I Know Theyre Not Chickens But

By Pocahontas · Apr 13, 2012 · Updated Apr 13, 2012 · ·
  1. Pocahontas
    Last weekend, my sister, her boyfriend, and I went to Tractor Supply to buy ducks. We ended up bringing home two little babies. The whole way home they were in their cardboard carrying box, chirping and runnning around like crazy. When we got back to the house I took them to the backyard and started playing with them. It didn't take long to see how strongly attached to each other they were. As soon as I picked one of them up, the other one would chirp and spin in a circle, looking for his lost buddy. Once I put down the squirming little chick, the two would start chasing each other again, I played with them in the yard for a while, and then took them inside to Darrell's (my sister's boyfriend) room, where they will be living until they are bigger, so they don't get eaten by hawks. They are in a pen in Darrell's room, where they have toys to play with and occaisonally a little bit of water to splash in. Once they get to be ten weeks old, they will get their " grown-up " feathers, start swimming, and will probably be moved outside. Hope you enjoy the picture. [​IMG]


    ~The ducks playing in their pen in Darrell's room :] <3

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  1. texasgurl
    They are just precious!!

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