What's Going on in Sodus?
This is my 9-month-old bloodhound pup, Hema. Her name is the combining form of "hemo" which is scientific for "blood" as in "hemoglobin" or "hematoma". Hema, in the first photo, is sitting on the back of the couch as though she were anything but an 80-lb. pooch. She's actually looking to see if there are any chickens in the yard to chase. She is the reason I am building a chicken tractor (pics soon to come) for my cornish crosses. I'm glad that the current chickens are past their egg-laying years or Hema would be giving them egg problems with all the harassing she does.​


Tipster, the 6-yr-old border collie mix. I just happened to snap the first photo as he noticed daddy pulling into the driveway... any later and I would have had a nice blurry picture of his rear.
Tipster is a rescue dog, he was born to a stray under someone's porch in the dead of winter. His mother left him and his four siblings there and two pups froze to death before being found by the mailman who rushed them to the nearest vet. One other pup died while there, leaving Tipster and his sister to be cared for until they were adopted. Tipster looks and acts like a border collie, but his sister is pure white.​