My California White has been laying 5-7 eggs a week for the last 6-7 weeks. Yesterday i came home from work to find something hanging out of her that looked like a collapsed sraw with clear something in it. it didn't seem to be bothering her and i pulled it out. Shortly after, a small bunch of more clear stuff came out that was like egg white. she seemed fine and acted normal. later in the evening she was walking around obviously trying to push something else out. out came a soft egg with more of the straw/cord on it.
i searched egg with no shell on BYC's forum and found a closed post that made me feel a little better but wanted to post what i found in case i could learn more since i have not seen any pictures that look just like mine or that described other stuff being "laid" besides the membrane wrapped only "soft" egg. other background is that "white chicken" has been caged inside in my makeshift hospital for about June 18th when i found her with a pecked or bitten hole in her neck the size of a quarter. she just had finally healed up, except for the feathers growing back, last week. she is still living inside because i only have one chicken tractor/coop and two of my other three girls will not stay off of her and i fear another hole in her if i leave them alone. she gets to be in the coop alone while i get ready for work in the morning, when i come home for lunch during the day and in the evening i put the two meanies up and let White Chicken have run of the yard till she's read for bed. i've only been keeping chickens for a year and a half and the last 2.5 months have been lots of chicken drama between this and my Red Chicken getting plucked during the night by the mystery predator.
Back to the soft egg...any advice on if the cord/straw that came out first is normal at all? anything i should keep an eye out for for her health? going to make sure she's got free choice oyster shell and she already gets layer feed and scratch and whatever she can find in the yard when i'm able to let her have free range time.
i'm going to post a separate page to get advice on her re-entering the flock with the other three. that is a whole other hot mess of drama!