I am a small hobby breeder of a variety of chickens, turkeys, pheasants and peacocks.
I have cochin bantams in Lavenders, Blues, Blacks, White, Blue Splash, Blue Mottled
Black Mottled, Mille Fleur and Calico Project birds. I have Old English Game Bantams
in Self Blues, Blues, Black, Spangled, Red Gold, Blue Gold, Wheaton, Red Pyle, Fawn
Also in bantams I have Silvers and Splash.
a pen of Silkies a very nice blue splash bearded roo with 2 blue bearded hens 1 black
bearded hen and 1 non bearded buff hen. In large fowl I have the awesome
Naked Neck Turkens in Black, Red, Buff and Black with Gold overlay. I am working on
other colors. I have Blue Laced Red Wyndottes in all 3 colors. I have ameracaunas
in Blue and Black. I have Blue and Black Wyndotte Hens in with a Blr Roo. I also have
Columbian Wyndottes with a Silver Laced Roo.