Hi, Welcome to my page!
I currently have an animal family of 7 cats, a future S.A.R. bloodhound,2 guinea pigs (Spike and Ginger) now has one baby with more due soon,pair of silver pheasants,4 breeds of turkey(narragansett, blue slate, black spanish,royal palm, chocolate), ringneck pheasants (1 male and 3 females), a Trio reeves pheasants, red golden and yellow golden pheasants,mandarin ducks, Apricot ducklings soon!, northern bobwhite quail, a pair of mallards, and a pair of muscovys,Chickens... turkens, EE's, bb red oegb, fawn and white oegb, blue red oegb, columbian bantams, gold seabrights, silver seabrights, SS hamburgs, laying hens laying every were and if i havent forgot anything...which i most likely did.....theyre will be many more to come!! :)
Depending on whos on here... it could be me or my daughter!
Bator Status: Getting low on eggs everyone is molting :(
Search and Rescue
We have a Younge Purebreed bloodhound we are are trainging him to do search and resuce.
He was born on September 12, 2009, his name is Little Reb, Reb for short.
He loves new people, treats, attention...and well really most of all what are the two things theyre known for...
DROOLING AND SNIFFING!! hes has to smell everything.
He loves our local tractor supply.
When we go out on a search in the future it will be non-profit.
However we do except donations towards the dog for food and gas money to get to the searches and training.
We feed him Purina Pro Plan Large breed dog food.
and he currently weighs around 60.8LBS and as of that date he 3 or 4 days short of being 5 months old.
Snoring... yep, he sure loves to catch his ZZZ's anywhere he finds comfortable.
Bloodhounds are very loving, you just gotta watch out he might drowned you in slobber!

Over all he's happy, healthy, and .....Drooly!
~Wish List~
  • Royal palm turkeys X
  • D'anvers
  • Mottled D'Uccles
  • Elliot Pheasants
  • Lady Amherst Pheasants
  • Yellow Golden Pheasants X
  • Red Golden Pheasants X
  • Impeyan/Monal Pheasants
  • African Crested Cranes
  • Sebastopol Geese
  • Pygmy Goats
  • Bornean Fireback Pheasants
  • Mikado Pheasants
    • Reeves Pheasants X
    • Peach Golden Pheasants
    • Temminck Tragopan Pheasants
    • Chinese Bamboo Partridge
    • More Albino Chukar
    • More Mandarins X
    • Different Breeds of Turkeys
    • Bourban red turkeys
    • Wood Ducks
    • Hungarian Partridge
    • Chukar
    • More Bobwhite Quail
    • Coturnix Quail
    • India Blue Peafowl
    • Peid Peafowl
    • White Peafowl
    • All Color Guineas
    • Vulturine Guineafowl
    • Austrailan Crested Dove
    • Western Crowned Pigeon
    • Sage Grouse
    • Ruffed Grouse
    • Silkie Ducks
    • Peacock Pheasants
    • Blue Eared Pheasants
    • Brown Eared Pheasants
    • California Valley Quail X
    • Gambel Quail
    • Scintillating Copper Pheasants
    • Satyr Tragopan Pheasants
    • Barhead Geese
    • White Wood Ducks
    • White Mandarin Ducks
    • Call Ducks of all colors
    • Falcated Teal Ducks
    • Brazilian Teal Ducks
    • Northern Pintail Ducks
    • Smew Ducks
    • Barrows Goldeneye
    • Runner Ducks of all colors
    • More OEGB Chickens in Wide range of colors
    • Macaws
    • And last but not least always a sucessful hatch for everyone!