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Need to finish painting and add the door ect.. but I love my chicken palace.
The run is 12x16


My Babys June 2010 Started with 1 Barred Rock, 1 Buff Orpington and 4 Mystery Bantams. We lost one, the other 3 we determined to be a red silkie, a golden laced cochin, and the last on is a Old English Game (silver duckwing?)


This is Beula She is a Barred Rock Full of Personality, Very friendly to people, and very curious, Ruled the roost until I got 2 older hens, but she can be agressive to the other chickens, She completly scalped my Silkie.
Kitty has recovered and Beula is getting along as long as the hens remember the pecking order!!


This is my Buff Orpington Abigail. She is sweet I can't imaging her pecking at anything but a bug. She seemed to have a hard time when she first started laying. For the first week she would run up the ladder to the egg boxes then fly down. she did this for hours. Poor Baby!!! It was like she was saying "I don't wanna lay an egg!! I don't wanna lay an egg!!"


This is my pretty girl Kiki, she is a Golden laced cochin bantam. She is very gentle I put her in with Kitty when she was injured to help keep her warm. She's got me wanting more cochins!

This is Georgia I believe she is an Old English game Silver Duckwing. She is about the size of a large pidgen. I have to say she is my favorite she is very curious, and smarter than your average chicken! She is bottom of the pecking order but smart enough to know that means stay out of the way of everyone else.

This is Kitty, She is a Red Silkie, She does not have 5 toes or the top hat crest that a silkie should have. She is not very bright I'm afraid and thats why she got injured she doesn't seem to remember that smaller birds shouldn't try to take food away from bigger, dominant birds. She has healed very well very quickly. And I'm hopeing she will get broody and I can slip some fertile eggs under her.


This is my second Barred Rock "Sally" She and the RIR were gifts from someone who could no longer keep them and they have fit right in with my girls. Sally was a little nervous only for a few days and was laying again in a week. She had stopped all together at her other home. I'm not sure of her age but she is laying about every other day and her eggs are huge, about 3 inches long.

Here's Penny my Rhode Island Red She fits right in with my girls. She is calmer than the RIR's I had years ago. She will give the Bantys a peck if they go after her food but other wise is very gentle and eats out of my hand just like the rest of mine do.