Hello. My name is Sondra.I live in Missouri, very close to St. Louis. My husband of almost 10 years, has worked in the construction field for roughly 6 years. He is getting ready to build me an amazing new coop, and with his skills and BYC help I can't wait for it to get done. I have 3 wonderful kids. Brendan is 10, Blake is 6 and Gina is 2. All 3 of them love our chickens, although Gina probably does the most. She has a bantam cochin that she carries everywhere with her when allowed. We named her Dolly. I will post pictures of our chickens and post the construction of the coop as it is being built. I am very excited to have found BYC. Such an amazing site. I hope to make friends with fellow BYC'ers, hopefully some that is close to my location.