Hi! My name is Mindy. I am the proud mom of 4 great kids, Ciara, Eli, Grace & Gevin(yes twins!) I work for the University of Oklahoma as the SoonerSUCCESS Creek County Coordinator. I help parents who have children w/ special needs find resources! My son Eli had a stroke in utero which left scar tissue on the right side of his brain, keeping the stems/cells from branching. He also has Cerebral Palsy and Seizures from traumatic birth. He is now 11 yrs old and is a walking talking potty trained miracle! :) I also work for Oklahoma Family Network as the NICU Coordinator for St. Francis Hospital. I get to visit the NICU and talk to parents who have newborns w/ special needs and tell them about our mentorship program, matching parents all over Oklahoma who have children w/ same/similar diagnosis!
So helping other parents has become my passion in life! Its a rough road and no one should have to do it alone!
I've lived in the city my entire life and was ready for a change! We have recently moved to Kellyville and have 10 acres. I am still trying to get use to the long drive to get to WALMART!! haha
We made a trip to Atwoods and my 4 yr old twins would not leave w/ out chicks! So now we have (and please forgive me if I get this wrong!) 8 pullets, 2 ducklings, 1 turkey, 1 goose (dont know the baby names for those...) And a Blue Healer Puppy named Jasmine! Adding to what we already have...Lizard named Izzie, Gecko named..Gecko(yes the twins named it!), and an Iguana named Godzilla! AND 4 fish! We had a weinie dog & shi tzu but they didn't make it thru the first week we lived here!??? Not sure what got them?? Never a dull moment around here so I'm sure there will be more critters to add to the list soon!
City Girl (does it show?)