South of Seven Serama
One little acre just south of Harrisonville Mo
Living on this little acre are myself , My hard working husband,
six Chihuahua's , One Sehpard \ Sheltie mix who is king of rounding
up our two Mini Horses without one day's training.
Just born to run-em-in. One Great Dane.
Two Pot Bellied Pigs,
Four fish tanks, one with African clawed frogs. One tank is always filled
with chicks of some sort. 21 Chickens in the coop, buff orpington, wyandotte, River my roo is a Silver Phonix who's tail has been plucked by a teen with a thing for long fethers.. BRAT
We are now empty nesters. HOOOOOORaHHHHH
4 pens up close to the house with heat lights set up are my Serama and Frizzle Cochen / Malaysian Serama / Frizzle Serama pens.
Oh Bunny, and 9 ducks, runners, Roan, Tufted, and a mix of the three.