I have a small(20 acre) hobby farm in Southern Illinois. I started out raising chickens, domestic ducks and guineas. Then I got a passion for ornamental ducks. I currently have 31 chickens ( buff,RIR,BR,americana) 15 guineas( royal purple,buff,pearl,lavender, and coral blue. I raised cayuga,fawn runner, and blue sweedish domestic ducks. I have sold all my domestic ducks and all but 5 of this year guinea hatchings so that I can spend more time working on the ornamentals. I started with reg wood ducks, reg mandarins and hottentot teals. This year I have added apricot and silver wood ducks, white/split white mandarins, a trio of chiloe widgens and northern pintails, green wing , ring teal, Ruddies and silver teal. We currently have a 50-150 aviary that I hope expand next summer. This year I had a fun and trying experience with incubating. I had great success in incubating with my reg wood ducks but I lost all but 5. I was ready to give up and quit. then I had so much encouragment on here and so many lessons learned that I kept practicing with the domestic duck and guinea eggs and they were all a great success. So I will be ready from all my learning and research to tackle the ornamentals again next year.. Thanks for visiting. Will add pics as I get time. Thanks for stopping by~~~~~