(in process of creating web page)SOUTHERN CROSS FARMS
I am located in central Arkansas and am trying to preserve some of the critical poultry and geese breeds. The breeds I am attempting are the Sicilian Buttercup, Black and White Giants, Crevecoeurs, Salmon Faverolles and Pilgrim Geese. I have others breeds of poultry also : Buff polish, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock,Dark Cornish, Buff Orpington, Black Australorps,Silkies and Japanese Bantams. I have been around poultry all of my life and just enjoy watching them and their antics in the farmyard. We are trying to be more self sufficient and this led us to raising a couple of batches of Jumbo Cornish X's per year. Thank you for viewing my animals and BYC has really been a great way to meet other poultry lovers too.