This is the beautiful Black Hills of SD where I am fortunate to live! I have a dear (and patient!) husband, two beautiful children, my wonderful father next door, a big yellow lab, 14 hens, and one lucky rooster.
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Here is the shed before and after renovation. We put on a new roof and coat of paint, lined the interior walls with roofing metal from the old lean-to that was adjacent to the shed, covered the ceiling with hardware cloth, and put a new layer of plywood on the old wood floor.

The Run
we used an old door and zipped out the panels. I rescued a ladder from the trash and the hens use it as a perch. My husband made an outdoor feeder from a piece of gutter and some leftover roofing tin - it works great!Outside in the sandy run,

Coop Interior
Inside the coop we used some old cabinets for nest boxes and hung them from an old work bench that was originally in the shed. My husband wouldn't allow me to rip the bench out because he thought the chickens might be a fad. Ha ha! Anyhow, we put some corrugated plastic across the top to keep the hens from roosting there and now I use that area for storage of chick feeders, extra bulbs, bags of oyster shell and grit, etc. There are rabbit feeders for oyster shell and grit . The pophole door has been altered since this photo was taken because we now have an automatic door! No more 5:30 wakeup calls for me. We also put bins beneath the roosts that we empty weekly to keep the interior cleaner.