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By speckeldy · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. speckeldy
    our hatching of 6 chicks from Big Boy (RR) and his 4 pullets produced 2 with orthopedic problems. One born with feet bunched up and turned to the side, and one that developed a seemingly dislocated leg at about 1 month old. The club feet I improved somewhat with "duck paddles' (cardboard webbed feet with holes to separate feet, secured with duct tape). The dislocated leg floors me -- as well as the poor chicken. However it is locomoting, eating, drinking, etc., and so I am hoping this is a strain of some sort and will heal. Cant feel a break. Am glad we havent tried to raise flamingoes.

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  1. Graciesing2us
    Hi, don't know if you can help? I have 2 specaldys who are about 5 months old. A couple of days ago, one began to look a bit 'off'. Shes drinking but not eating and has white diarreah (not spelt correctly). The strangest thing is that her sister constantly attacks her!? Shes never done this before so ive had to seperate them. Any ideas? Thanks Anita

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