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  1. chickenlover98
    The Speckled Sussex
    Large Bantam
    Class: English Class: Single Comb Clean Legged other
    Varieties: Speckled, Red than Game Bantams.

    (1914), Light (1929) Varieties: Light, Red, Speckled
    Weight: Rooster: 9 pounds (1960).
    Hen: 7 pounds Characteristics
    Cockerel: 7.5 pounds Comb: Medium single with
    Pullet: 6 pounds five well-defined points, the
    middle three larger.
    Tail: Medium length and well spread, the male's is carried at a 45 degree angle and the female's at 35 degrees.
    Legs: Pinkish white shanks and toes.
    Eggs: Medium to large, creamy white to light brown.

    Other: The plumage of the Speckled variety is a beautiful mahogany and each feather is tipped with white.
    Status: rare.

    I had a gorgeous speckled sussex, Jenna, but unfortunately, we lost her to a predator this summer. She was such a wonderful bird. She was so sweet, and a bit goofy too! One thing I noticed about Jenna's behaviors was that she was always a bit of an "adventurer". She'd always venture way back in the woods, and try to bring everybody else back with her! Jenna was a very curious bird as well! When we'd open up the chicken pen to let the chickens roam free for the day, Jenna would hop up on the table next to the door, and watch us open up the lock, as if she was formulating a plan to open it someday. I'd highly recommend this breed of chicken to a family that loves pets with a lot of charisma! :)

    All the info I got was from a book called "The field Guide To Chickens", a very well written book on everything you need to know about raising chickens.

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  1. ldelahanty
    I have two that are about 9 weeks, we love them! they are great fun and really nice.

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